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The large box shaped design allows full access to smooth, clean and unobstructed holds. Both unitised and bulk cargoes can be handled, placed and trimmed to the final place of stowage. This saves on port operating time and minimises the risk of damage to customers' cargoes.

In addition to the most regular service with forest products, our vessels are also ideally suited to carry a wide variety of traditional unitized cargoes such as containers, steel, project, bagged products, aluminium, as well as demanding bulk cargoes such as petcoke, copper concentrates, coal, fertilizers, chemicals, soda ash and wood pellets. 

Cargo Lumber

Forest Products

Saga Welco’s major commodity is wood pulp. Wood pulp is commonly used as a raw material for papermaking but is also found in textiles, food, and other industries. Due to its nature, the wood pulp requires the highest standard of cargo care to avoid damage. 

Saga Welco carries other forestry products like cut lumber, plywood, OSB, and MDF. 

The square open hatch cargo holds are ideal for carrying these types of cargo, offering high-quality and cost-effective transportation. With a flush deck and onboard knowledge and equipment, the deck provides an outstanding economy-of-scale solution without lowering the highest standard of cargo care. 

Cargo Soda Ash

Bulk Cargo

Our hospital's clean holds make them ideal for carrying cargo with high demands for cleanliness. 

Saga Welco also has specialized grabs, ensuring the highest efficiency standard to maximize production. 

With the double amount of cargo holds compared to a conventional vessel, the fleet offers natural cargo separation and economies of scale when combining different types of bulk cargo. 

We typically carry Sodium sulfate, Soda ash, Borates, Malt, and Fertilizers. 

Cargo Big Bags


The fleet's hold design makes them ideal for all breakbulk and steel cargo types. 

With onboard equipment such as spreaders, chains, and a dehumidification system, the cargo is safely loaded and secured to ensure the highest degree of cargo care. Bagged cargo is also one of our specialties, and the cargo is handled and cared for similarly.  

As with any unitized cargo, our tween decks ensure that breakbulk cargo, which cannot sustain multiple lairs, will not suffer any damage and that the remaining space in the cargo hold can be utilized.  



Project Cargo

Saga Welco has a dedicated project group centralized in Bergen, Norway handling all types of projects cargo shipments worldwide.  Our team of technical, operation and commercial specialists offer’s reliable transport solutions on our versatile fleet that fulfill the needs of your project while maintaining control of costs and schedules. 

The competitive advantage of our OHGC ships is the large unobstructed deck and open/boxy holds. Combine this with tweendecks, we can optimize loading/discharging operations, increase flexibility and at the same time maximise the cargo intakes for our clients. We carry all types of project cargoes like yachts, barges, components for the oil, gas and chemical industries, components for wind energy industry, equipment etc. 

Saga Welco recognizes that sustainable and renewable wind power is part of and necessary for the future. Consequently, all types of wind turbine components have been part of our cargo base for a long time already, and the solid track record and vast experience in the segment has therefore been recognized and supported by all the industry majors for years. We are humble for the support given, and very proud to partake in the green shift in the worldwide expansion of this renewable energy with our reliable and flexible transportation solutions. 

Any project, whether large or small, requires a vast amount of planning, coordination and expertise. With a dedicated project team, and by getting involved in the planning process as early as possible and follow the projects through like we do, Saga Welco’s Project group provides its clients with detailed, workable solutions that adds value to projects. 

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Total cargo care system

Vessel design plays a vital role in ensuring quality cargo care and efficiency. The vessels' flush cargo holds offer secure stowage, and easy and safe cargo handling.

The majority of our vessels feature a weather protection system for the gantry cranes which includes side curtains and retractable roofs that extend approximately 13 meters over the ship's side. In most cases, this innovative equipment allows vessels to load and discharge in adverse weather conditions without damage to the cargo. 


In order to secure ideal cargo conditions and minimise the risk of cargo damage due to climatic changes, all of Saga Welco’s vessels are fitted with a sophisticated active dehumidification system to prevent condensation. The temperature and relative humidity can be controlled and adjusted individually in each cargo hold. 

Vessels are designed to accommodate less weather-sensitive cargoes on deck, with special lashing points to secure packaged lumber and containers, and the vessels' design offers a wave-breaker on the forecastle to minimize spray and protect against green seas on deck.

The vessels are equipped with modern handling equipment capable of handling a wide variety of unitized and bulk cargoes. Handling equipment such as semi-automatic pulp and lumber frames, container spreaders, vacuum clamps for newsprint and suitability for grab operations provide ultimate handling performance and flexibility. 

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