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Gantry cranes

40 or 70 MT cranes. The outreach is 8-9m out from ship’s side, which is optimal for for both break-bulk and bulk cargoes.

Weather Routing

Weather routing systems

Saga Welco is using professional weather forecast services as well as advanced on board systems to optimize the vessels routes across the oceans. This will enable us to save fuel as well as avoiding delays and damage to cargo.

Rain covers

The cranes are fitted with retractable roofs, which cover the whole working area including the outreach area which enables operation in unfavorable weather. Some vessels are also equipped with curtains on the sides that enable work possibilities in even the most adverse weather conditions.

Open Hatch Holds

Open hatch holds

With hatchcovers the same size as the holds, it means you have full and direct access to all parts of the cargo holds.

Optimal deck cargo suitability

Optimal deck cargo suitability

A large flat surface, optimal for a wide variety of cargoes.

Loading pulp

Independent dehumidification systems

The vessels are equipped with an advanced de-humidification system that enables the crew to control the climate inside each independent cargo hold, an important feature when handling humidity sensitive cargoes. 

Hull Design

Hull Design

Optimized hull design resulting in reliability and fuel efficiency in all weather conditions.

Anti fouling


The owners use High-Technology anti-fouling that is free from harmful substances and is approved according to the IMO Anti-fouling Convention. This technology ensures a smooth, fuel efficient and environmentally safe surface.

Removable tween deck

Removable tween decks

Some of the Saga Welco vessels are equipped with removable tween decks. These pontoons can be used in holds where the cargo has a tier limitation or the cargo is un-stackable, resulting in better utilization of the cargo space.

Grab suitable 1

Grab suitable

With box-shaped holds and no overhang the cranes are suitable for discharging bulk cargo with grabs.

Ballast Water Treatment System

Ballast Water Treatment System

Most vessels are fitted with an approved Ballast Water Treatment System according to the IMO Ballast Water Management Convention. The treatment system will ensure that no biological organisms are carried in the Ballast Water that may infect waters with unwanted species.

Propeller polishing

Propeller polishing

The propellers are cleaned and polished on a 6 monthly interval to ensure optimal performance at all times.  

Green Forest

Green Vessels

Saga Welco follows all recommendations and programs that protect the environment both locally and globally. Some of these programs are speed reduction in Los Angeles and Long Beach (Green Flag).

Environmental Initiatives in Port
- The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority EcoAction Program
- The Port of Los Angeles Vessel Speed Reduction Program (VSRP) 
    In 2022, Saga Welco had a compliance rate of 87.5% (one vessel missed out of eight calls).

Protecting Marine Life in British Columbia
- The Port of Vancouver’s ECHO (Enhancing Cetacean Habitat and Observation) Program
- Saving Right Whales along the US Atlantic Coast


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